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Upper Clava

Upper Clava is a predominantly Scots pine woodland with areas of mixed conifers, planted in the 1970s and 1980s. The mix of species and tis location make it an attractive amenity woodland while its recently thinned crops offer potential timber income in the near to mid-term. The property is located a few miles to the south-east of Inverness. This property would suit an amenity buyer or an investor looking for near-term timber income as well as long-term capital growth from replanted areas.

Tilhill is not acting as the selling agent and is free to advise potential purchasers on this property.

Property Details

  • Size: 89.3 Hectares
  • Price: £850000
  • Status: Under Offer
  • Type: Coniferous Commercial
  • Sporting: Rights Included
  • Acquired for Tilhill Forestry clients