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Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

We hope you find all our information useful and interesting.



20 March 2019

Real Time Forestry Intelligence

Research and Innovation Duncan Mackinnon, Wood Energy Development Manager updates us on Real Time Forestry Intelligence. Tell us in your own words, what is RTFI? The Treemetrics (TM) Forest HQ software system, which incorporates the Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) volume measurement system and the Real Time Forest Intelligence (RTFI) has been around for...



07 March 2019

Research & Innovation: Q & A with Former Forestry Commission's Chief Research Officer, Julian Evans

Research & Innovation, an interview with author and former Forestry Commission's Chief Research Officer, Julian Evans Julian Evans was formerly the Forestry Commission’s Chief Research Officer(S). For more than 30 years he has owned a 30-acre wood in Hampshire. He is a member of the Small Woods Association, Royal Forestry Society, The Woodland Trust, is...


28 February 2019

Community: A Passion to Help the Younger Generation

The great outdoors is something that all Tilhill Forestry staff appreciate in a variety of guises. For the majority of our staff it is their place of work and, thanks to technology, their office, and a source of social interaction. For others, it is a place to relax, enjoy family...


26 February 2019

Contributing to our Community with Forest Manager Bryan Pearce

Community: Upgrading Loch Lomond and Cowal Way Path Tilhill Forestry staff are encouraged and supported with their efforts in volunteering with their local community. We spoke to  Forest Manager Bryan Pearce, West Highland about his role as a volunteer and with Tilhill Forestry in the development of the Loch Lomond and...


19 February 2019

Harvesting Manager drives from Plymouth to Gambia

COMMUNITY: Tilhill Forestry Harvesting Manager in South West England David Chudleigh embarked on a journey of a lifetime recently and in the process raised £3270.91 (£2520.91 + £750 Tilhill donation) for the charity TREE AID. Tree Aid works with local communities to help them protect and grow trees, for themselves and for...

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