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01 May 2019

Legal Protection for Beavers

In Scotland there is a large and expanding population of beavers in the Tay catchment since an unlicenced release in 2001. Sixteen beavers were then reintroduced into Knapdale under licence as part of a five year trial in 2009. Following a review of findings from this trial by Scottish Natural...



17 April 2019

Guidance on Responsibilities for Environmental Protection in Forestry

Collaboration: Nicola Abbatt, Quality & Environment Manager Nicola Abbatt is Tilhill Forestry’s Quality & Environmental Manager. She is working in collaboration with members of the Forest Industry Environment Group in order to produce an industry level Guidance on Responsibilities for Environmental Protection in Forestry. The latest draft of this can be...


09 April 2019

Sitka Spruced

Sitka Spruced is a collaboration of the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh (Roslin Institute) and Forest Research (an Agency of the Forestry Commission). It is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and a group of forest and wood processing industries. Tilhill Forestry’s parent company,...


01 April 2019

Public Safety in the Forest Project with Kirsty Adams

Collaboration: We spoke to Kirsty Adams, Head of Safety & Assurance about her involvement in the Tilhill Forestry Public Safety in the Forest Project and the subsequent dedicated FISA working group. Tell us more about this FISA Working Group, when was it set up? The Public Safety project was initiated by Tilhill...


27 March 2019

Research & Innovation: Yield Modelling with Martin Craig

Research & Innovation: Yield Modelling, Q & A with Martin Craig, Project Manager, Central Borders What is Yield Modelling? Yield growth models are one of the foundations of forest management providing essential information about the patterns of tree growth and thus potential productivity of trees under differing site conditions and management regimes...

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