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Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

We hope you find all our information useful and interesting.



20 September 2018

Wainwrights - Proven Professionals

Quality Throughout - proven Professionals Working in Partnership Tilhill Forestry relies on a network of trusted and reliable contractors who partner with our Forest Managers to deliver the high standard of work our customers expect. Some of our contractors have worked with Tilhill for decades which means they fully understand what is expected,...



19 September 2018

Forest Science- Q&A with Tilhill's Business Development Director Peter Whitfield

Quality Throughout - Proven Professionals We caught up with Peter Whitfield our Business Development Director to find out what committees he is part of and what expertise he brings to their table. Q. Explain what forest industry related panels/committees you give your time to. A. I am a member of the following: The Forestry...


17 September 2018

Conifer Co-Operative. Q&A with Tim Liddon

Quality Throughout: Proven Professionals Tim Liddon, Tilhill's Forestry Director was quizzed about his involvement with the Conifer Breeding Co-Operative, a group dedicated ensuring that there is an adequate supply of improved vegetatively propagated Sitka Spruce resource for growers and to taking forward the breeding programme for Sitka Spruce other important commercial conifers.   Q. What...


13 September 2018

Working with the fittest

Quality Throughout - Plant Quality Improvement Working with the fittest The desire to improve plants and animals in now very well developed. We see this in horticultural cultivars, food crops and in animals for increased yields, refining taste, disease resistance and many others. These gains are delivered by selection superior individuals and...


10 September 2018

Working with Maelor Nurseries

Quality Throughout Plant Quality improvement- Working with Maelor Nurseries     Tim Liddon, Forestry Director explains why Tilhill forestry are endeavouring to work with suppliers and subcontractors in partnership to build business and deliver great services to our clients. One example of where partnership and collaborative working has delivered significant gains to our clients,...

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