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11 October 2018

Loch Arkaig

Loch Arkaig’s forest is one of the most notable restoration projects Tilhill Forestry has ever been involved with and the largest ancient woodland restoration undertaken by the Woodland Trust on land under its direct care. Loch Arkaig is a body of freshwater approximately 12 miles in length located near Spean Bridge...


09 October 2018

Remote Timber- The Challenge

Harvesting Technicalities - Timber Challenges Duncan Mackinnon, Tilhill Forestry's Wood Energy & Development Manager, tells of the challenges that harvesting trees in remote areas of Scotland can present. There can be bodies of water to contend with and fragile roads that are unsuitable for large vehicles. This means that removing timber...


04 October 2018

Update on use of technology

Harvesting Technicalities - Technology Update on Use of Technology Jamie Adcock joined our Central Scotland District office based in Dunblane in July 2016, having completed the BSc Honours Forestry course at Bangor University. He had previously worked for five years as a ski instructor in Banff, Canada, and Wanaka, New Zealand, and so...


01 October 2018

Unlocking the Hidden Value of Harvester Data

Harvesting Technicalities - Technology The modern forest harvesting machine is now capable of collecting a wealth of important production data. In an exciting advance in forestry technology, this data is now being turned into valuable new information thanks to a unique analytics platform developed by Treemetrics Ltd. A number of Tilhill Forestry...


30 September 2018

Species Choice in a Changing Climate

Hugh Davies, Forest Manager in South East of England talks species choice in a changing climate... With the extremely hot summer we have all just experienced in the UK and the very wet winter we experienced beforehand, it is becoming more and more evident that climate change is a reality even...


28 September 2018

Species Choice - Broadening Trials

Luke Cross, Assistant Forest Manager in North Wales talks Sitka and Species. Species choice is continually broadening with trials taking place to increase species choice and improve the species we already utilise.  When reviewing a site the environment can give you many details on species suitability. So we start by looking at...


27 September 2018

200 Years of Douglas Fir

Quality Throughout: Species Choice by Assistant Forest Manager Rob Coltman Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a conifer species from the Pacific north-west of North America. The species was introduced to the UK in 1827 by renowned Scottish botanist David Douglas – for whom the species is named. Interestingly, the menziesii was...


21 September 2018

Mini Q&A with District Manager & ICF President David Edwards

Quality Throughout: proven Professionals David Edwards is Tilhill Forestry's District Manager for Wales & Marches having joined Tilhill Forestry in 2003. We spoke to David as a long-standing Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and their elected President. Q. How long have you been an ICF member? A. I have been a...


20 September 2018

Wainwrights - Proven Professionals

Quality Throughout - proven Professionals Working in Partnership Tilhill Forestry relies on a network of trusted and reliable contractors who partner with our Forest Managers to deliver the high standard of work our customers expect. Some of our contractors have worked with Tilhill for decades which means they fully understand what is expected,...


19 September 2018

Forest Science- Q&A with Tilhill's Business Development Director Peter Whitfield

Quality Throughout - Proven Professionals We caught up with Peter Whitfield our Business Development Director to find out what committees he is part of and what expertise he brings to their table. Q. Explain what forest industry related panels/committees you give your time to. A. I am a member of the following: The Forestry...


17 September 2018

Conifer Co-Operative. Q&A with Tim Liddon

Quality Throughout: Proven Professionals Tim Liddon, Tilhill's Forestry Director was quizzed about his involvement with the Conifer Breeding Co-Operative, a group dedicated ensuring that there is an adequate supply of improved vegetatively propagated Sitka Spruce resource for growers and to taking forward the breeding programme for Sitka Spruce other important commercial conifers.   Q. What...


13 September 2018

Working with the fittest

Quality Throughout - Plant Quality Improvement Working with the fittest The desire to improve plants and animals in now very well developed. We see this in horticultural cultivars, food crops and in animals for increased yields, refining taste, disease resistance and many others. These gains are delivered by selection superior individuals and...


10 September 2018

Working with Maelor Nurseries

Quality Throughout Plant Quality improvement- Working with Maelor Nurseries     Tim Liddon, Forestry Director explains why Tilhill forestry are endeavouring to work with suppliers and subcontractors in partnership to build business and deliver great services to our clients. One example of where partnership and collaborative working has delivered significant gains to our clients,...


06 September 2018

Mounding Vs. Ploughing

Quality Throughout - Ground Prep Sam Bristow, Assistant Forest Manager for our West Highland District talks about the methodology around ground preparation techniques: Commenting on a recent social media post surrounding ploughing, I agree with Mike Page the Assistant Manager in Central Scotland. He was very correct in the sense that really...


31 August 2018

Preparation is the Key!

Quality Throughout Preparation is the Key! A NEW area of woodland is going to be around for a long time so careful consideration needs to be taken when preparing the ground before planting and deciding how many trees should be planted. Both plant density and ground preparation are important decisions in woodland creation...


01 January 0001

Invasive Species Week: Japanese Knotweed

What?Japanese Knotweed was introduced to the UK as an ornamental plant but has spread extensively in the wild. With its rapid growth of more than 20mm a day, it forms dense clumps over 3m high which crowd out and prevent the growth of native plants.The rhizome root system, from which...

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