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18 October 2018

Our People - Q & A with Regional Harvesting Manager Alan Christison

Alan Christison is Tilhill Forestry's Regional Harvesting Manager for the Central Region covering an area from Yorkshire to Rannoch. We interviewed him to find out more about the role he plays within the company and our harvesting business: Q. What is your job role? A. My role is to oversee and manage...



17 October 2018

Q & A with Assistant Harvesting Manager Justin Adamson

We interviewed Justin Adamson, Assistant Harvesting Manager, Scotland to find out what it is like to be part of our Harvesting Team. Q. When did you join Tilhill Forestry? A. I was fortunate enough to be selected to join Tilhill's graduate program as an Assistant Harvesting Manager in 2014. I was studying forestry...


11 October 2018

Loch Arkaig

Loch Arkaig’s forest is one of the most notable restoration projects Tilhill Forestry has ever been involved with and the largest ancient woodland restoration undertaken by the Woodland Trust on land under its direct care. Loch Arkaig is a body of freshwater approximately 12 miles in length located near Spean Bridge...


09 October 2018

Remote Timber- The Challenge

Harvesting Technicalities - Timber Challenges Duncan Mackinnon, Tilhill Forestry's Wood Energy & Development Manager, tells of the challenges that harvesting trees in remote areas of Scotland can present. There can be bodies of water to contend with and fragile roads that are unsuitable for large vehicles. This means that removing timber...


04 October 2018

Update on use of technology

Harvesting Technicalities - Technology Update on Use of Technology Jamie Adcock joined our Central Scotland District office based in Dunblane in July 2016, having completed the BSc Honours Forestry course at Bangor University. He had previously worked for five years as a ski instructor in Banff, Canada, and Wanaka, New Zealand, and so...

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