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Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

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03 January 2019

Q & A with our Safety Manager Tina Ambler

Growing Our People - Q & A with Tilhill Forestry Safety Manager Tina Ambler. Tina Ambler has many years experience as a Safety Professional and always strives for improvement, here Tina discusses her role at Tilhill Forestry: What made you decide to choose safety as your career and how long have you...


Change of Job. Change of Country | Tilhill Forestry


30 November 2018

Tilhill Forestry's John Gallacher gives an insight into his job as in- house Ecologist

Q & A with Tilhill Forestry's Ecologist John Gallacher John Gallacher has many years’ experience both as an ecologist and also with Tilhill Forestry. Here he gives an insight into what his job entails and what makes his job so critical to not only the Company but the forest industry overall: Q...


26 November 2018

Tilhill Forestry’s Leif Brag talks about his life as a Wildlife Manager

Leif Brag – Environment Matters Tilhill Forestry’s Leif Brag talks about his life as a Wildlife Manager I was born and grew up on a small farm in Denmark. As a toddler I followed my dad around on the farm and took a keen interest in the farming life. Holidays were mostly spent...


19 November 2018

The Environment Matters

Environment Matters   Last month we announced Tilhill Forestry will be launching a diffuse pollution training video for contractors. As part of the 'Environment Matters' monthly theme we shot behind the scenes footage and interviews with.. Nicola Abbatt - Environment and Quality manager (Tilhill Forestry) John Gallacher - Forest Ecologist (Tilhill Forestry) John Gorman - Scottish...


05 November 2018

Industry leading Launch of Environmental Training Video by Tilhill Forestry

Tilhill Forestry is launching a training video on diffuse pollution for its contractors to improve environmental protection awareness and to help keep pollution prevention in forestry operations high on the Company’s agenda. A Tilhill Project Team has worked with the Airborne Lens company to capture high quality aerial drone footage and...

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