Tilhill Forestry takes a major role in biomass supply to a number of renewable energy projects. Leveraging our unique position in the biomass supply chain we are able to work with clients to provide sourcing and supply solutions and opportunities for all types of wood based biomass fuels. Being part of the BSW Group we have access to a range of biomass fuels from sawmill co-products to forest derived biomass and recycled wood.

The upsurge in interest in renewable energy in the UK, and the increasing number of wood fuelled installations used in the commercial and public sector has resulted in a rapidly expanding UK market for biomass.

Tilhill Forestry has demonstrated an excellent track record through our exclusive contracts to source and supply UPM UK's CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants at the Shotton and Caledonian paper mills. In addition we are key biomass suppliers to many of the UK's other major renewable energy plants. We have recently secured the sole management of the sourcing and supply to Volac’s CHP plant at Felinfach in West Wales.

Managing A Secure Supply
With commercial developments based around renewables and biomass, a secure and guaranteed feedstock supply is essential. With our unrivalled history of nearly 70 years in the UK forestry market and being part of the BSW Timber group of companies, Tilhill Forestry is uniquely placed to provide solutions to your biomass fuel sourcing, fuel supply and fuel yard management.

Biomass supply sources:

• Forest Harvesting
• Brash
• Sawmill co-products
• Site clearance
• Recycled woodfibre


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