Monthly Themes

Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

Our first theme is Quality Throughout. Read our first article on Ground Preparation here and visit our website each week for a new article and each month for a new theme.

We hope you find all our information useful and interesting.



23 October 2018

Q & A with Timber Buying Director Harry Stevens

Harry Stevens, Tilhill Forestry's Timber Buying Director gives us an insight into his history and current job role: Q. What is your job role at Tilhill Forestry? A. My role includes the buying of logs for the BSW Group Sawmills in the UK, which includes both standing, roadside and delivered purchases as...


This mushroom Amanita muscaria commonly known as fly agaric or fly amanita has a symbiotic relationship with many broadleaved and coniferous trees. Although common in the woods at this time of year and stunning to look at, it is classified as poisonous as indicated by its bright colours. - Alex...


18 October 2018

Our People - Q & A with Regional Harvesting Manager Alan Christison

Alan Christison is Tilhill Forestry's Central Region, Regional Harvesting Manager, covering Yorkshire to Rannoch.   Q. What is you job role? A. My role is to co-ordinate the harvesting activities which consists of 700,000 tonnes of timber a year. We look at selling to a range of markets, Central region is responsible for the supply...


17 October 2018

Q & A with Assistant Harvesting Manager Justin Adamson

We interviewed Justin Adamson, Assistant Harvesting Manager, Scotland to find out what it is like to be part of our Harvesting Team. Q. When did you join Tilhill Forestry? A. I was fortunate enough to be selected to join Tilhill's graduate program as an Assistant Harvesting Manager in 2014. I was studying forestry...


11 October 2018

Loch Arkaig

Loch Arkaig’s forest is one of the most notable restoration projects Tilhill Forestry has ever been involved with and the largest ancient woodland restoration undertaken by the Woodland Trust on land under its direct care. Loch Arkaig is a body of freshwater approximately 12 miles in length located near Spean Bridge...

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