Peter Bowsher

Peter Bowsher - Area Timber Buyer

Peter started his forestry career in 1980 in Devon with the Forestry Commission where he spent 5 years carrying out fencing, planting and spraying work before progressing onto chainsaw work. He enjoyed the physical work but encouraged to develop his forestry career, Peter went to Newton Rigg College in Penrith and completed a BTEC OND in Forestry, passing with distinction.

He then worked as a Forest Officer in Sutherland, North Scotland, managing new planting and restocking operations for 5 years, then moving onto managing the Districts standing sales program.

In 1996 Peter started work with BSW Harvesting as a Harvesting Area Manager and relocating to south west Scotland, where he still works with BSW Timber/Tilhill as an Area Timber Buyer.

His role is to seek out and purchase standing timber and manage the harvesting operations and the supply of timber to the processers, the main ones being BSW Sawmill in Dalbeattie and UPM paper mill at Irvine. Along with his team of two, Justin Adamson and Iain McMurtrie, they average 5000 tonnes of harvested timber per week delivered to customers.

It is a challenging job with a lot of variety.