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28 March 2018

So what does a forester actually do…?

When asked about my career, this is the question I am asked most often. Almost everyone seems to think that foresters cut down trees for a living, whilst wearing checked shirts (that part is probably true). I have to admit that before I started working in the industry I was...


15 March 2018

From Surrey to Sitka and back again.

I guess I’m in a slightly different position to most graduates who start their careers with Tilhill Forestry. I began my time at Tilhill in the Investment and Property Team dealing with clients and acquisitions. This gave me a good insight into the financial aspect of owning a forest or...


01 March 2018

The Ecologist - An Unexpected Journey

I’ve never really blogged before, but then again as far as I know neither has Tilhill, so by default this is going to be the best blog ever written by Tilhill Forestry! I see this blog, or should I say set of blogs, written by myself and a group of...

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