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18 March 2019

The Ragstone Hibernaculum

by Forest Manager, Colin Corkhill The desire for Kentish ragstone as a hard, versatile building material has been utilised throughout England on an industrial scale since Roman times.  The shallow seam of limestone, running from Kent to Surrey, around 25 miles to the south of the capital, occurs in shallow bands...



11 March 2019

Forest Management - Something Different is Always Waiting for You

Blog by Assistant Forest Manager Mike Page, Central Scotland. "There are pretty stark commercial realities in this industry and while you are protected from these early in your career, you need to be exposed to them to continue your development." The last instalment of this blog maybe gave the impression that I...


06 March 2019

21st Century Lumberjills

A blog by Assistant Forest Manager, Hannah Richardson, South West Scotland. "As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 it is nice to remember the women of forestry’s past and use this as an opportunity to encourage more women to become a part of forestry’s future." With International Women’s Day taking place on...


27 February 2019

The Wide Reach of Forestry in Our Communities

Community blog by Forest Manager, Byron Braithwaite in Central Borders ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time’ The Central Borders team have recently supported a number of high school careers events, and although there was interest in pursuing a Forestry based career, understanding of its wide ranging opportunities...


22 January 2019

What Future for the Forests?

What Future for the Forests? by Southern England Forest Manager Alex MacKinnon A change in my work role has got me thinking about the past, present and future of forestry in this part of the country. I wonder, as a very traditional industry, are we threatened by modern times in all three...

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