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Surveys and Mapping

A good survey and map of your property is the first step to informed decision making.

Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) we can bring together data from a number of sources such as aerial photography, hard-copy maps and GPS surveys. GIS gives you the power to visualise, explore, interpret, query, and analyse geographical data and so provide support for making informed decisions.

Many clients have benefited from our GIS surveys, including land agents, forest management companies, private estates, utility companies and renewable energy companies.

Our Expertise 

The extensive spectrum of applications for which the Tilhill Forestry surveying team have been employed include aerial photo interpretation of woodlands, preparation of Forest Design Plans, generation of day-to-day working maps and the analysis and presentation of maps with related statistics.

Tilhill Forestry provides a bespoke service for every client to meet each project's specifications. This may include commissioning aerial photos then analysing the photos to extract relevant ecological features, forestry and land characteristics, or utilising GPS through field data collection, before providing the client with maps and databases to suit their needs.

Keeping up with this rapidly advancing technology is key to our continuing success and our clients benefit from this knowledge and investment. With over 30 years of experience of GIS in relation to all aspects of forest and land management to draw upon Tilhill Forestry is the first choice for all your mapping and surveying needs.

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