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Make the most of your land

Professional management of existing woodlands, or the introduction of new woodlands to your property, can provide:

  • a capital asset that increases your land's value
  • a way to access substantial grant aid
  • a source of income from timber or leisure activities

Management Services

Tilhill Forestry's woodland management variesaccording to the individual needs of our clients - from planting or maintenance contracts to regular consultancy on management strategy. We also advise if the woodland has the potential for recreational activities such as shooting, stalking, fishing or activities such as mountain biking and camping,

Tilhill provides woodland management so your woodland can bring you not only enjoyment but an income stream as well.

Woodlands are also an investment with strong environmental credentials. Woodlands are a natural habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Professional forest management ensures that these habitats are protected and, where possible, improved.

Woodlands are increasingly being recognised for their recreation potential. This may be for the private enjoyment of the owner, with activities ranging from walking, bird-watching and family picnics, to riding, mountain-biking or off-road driving. Or it may be a wider approach, with woods being opened up for informal public access. In this case, grants are often available to minimise the cost to the owner.

Whatever your reasons for owning or creating woodland, Tilhill Forestry can help you meet your objectives and manage your woodland in a sustainable way.