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Blackdown House Farm, Briantspuddle

For Sale

  • 43.30 Hectares
  • £500,000

Property Type: Mixed Commercial and Amenity

Sporting: Rights included

Closing Date: No closing date set

Blackdown Wood is situated in rural Dorset close to the picturesque village of Briantspuddle. 

The balance of the wood is strongly commercial in content containing some fine late rotation Douglas fir, Sitka spruce and western hemlock together with mature Scots pine and larch. Some are in mixture with broadleaves. 

Broadleaves on the property including a section to the north, consist of beech, oak, ash, cherry, sweet chestnut and walnut.

The southernmost compartments are younger and strongly pine albeit with other conifer. There is excellent access with public highways along three of the boundaries while internally there are a good series of tracks and rides serving the wood.

The variety of the woodland plays to its advantage creating a mosaic of species highly biodiverse in nature. the woodland includes a SSSI known as Cull peppers dish designated as such for its important geology.

Future management could include further thinning of the Scots pine crop and slow replacement with higher yielding species such as Douglas fir.  


Tilhill Forestry is not acting as the selling agent and is free to advise potential purchasers on this property.

For further details contact  Alex Mackinnon.

Email:  alex.mackinnon@tilhill.com      Mob: 07788 970116

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