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Pappert Hill Forest

New To Market

  • 145 Hectares
  • £195,000

Property Type: Coniferous - Commercial

Sporting: Rights included

Closing Date: No closing date set

The land at Pappert Hill lies within West Dunbartonshire, approximately a mile to the east of the town of Alexandria. The hill is situated only 1.5 miles from the boundary of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and has exceptional views over Loch Lomond to the north and the River Clyde to the south. The land is registered in the Land Register of Scotland under Title Number DMB32453.

Pappert Hill consists of a single block of land, edged red on the plan, in part planted with Sitka Spruce, extending to approximately 358 acres in total.

* Sitka Spruce planted 1975             - 65 acres
* Sitka Spruce planted 1996/2000   - 90 acres
* Broadleaf planted 1996                  - 37 acres

The land lies on undulating slopes on a mainly south and southwest facing hillside, with the altitude varying between 160m and 257m above sea level. The land is classified by the Macauley Institute for Soil Research as a mixture of predominantly class 5(3) and some class 6 (2) and 6 (3). The South West Land Capability for Forestry map indicates the land is an equal mixture of classes F2, F3 and F5, indicating that the land is capable of growing commercial timber.

Parts of the land are planted with Sitka Spruce and some native broadleaves, with the remainder left as open ground.

The land benefits from post wire fencing to the majority of boundaries. Access to the land is by a part hardcore track leading northeast from Broomhill Crescent, Bonhill, Alexandria past Highdykes Farm. The non-exclusive servitude rights of access are tinted yellow on the plan and detailed within the servitudes section.

We understand that the land has previously had planning permission for the erection of two dwelling houses and two fire watch towers (ref.no. DC05-238) The dwelling houses were subject to a Section 75 agreement stating that their occupation would have been limited to persons solely or mainly employed or last employed in forestry, in the locality, or to the widow or widower of such a person and to any dependents. The external footings on one of the house sites has been laid, however we note that the planning has lapsed.

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Tilhill Forestry is not acting as the selling agent and is free to advise potential purchasers on this property.

For further details contact Shaun Mochan

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