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UK Forest Property Search

UK Forest and Woodland For Sale

From commercial investment to the simple pleasure of woodland ownership there are many reasons to consider woodland investment.

Private ownership of woodland in the UK, whatever your reason for choosing to invest, benefits from a range of grants and tax incentives designed to encourage well managed and productive land.

For example, the planting and maintenance of woodland will often attract government grants and, after two years of ownership, woodland is not subject to inheritance tax. Professional forest management, combined with careful tax planning, can lead to reliable and competitive returns from a highly tax-efficient woodland investment.

Woodland income

There are several ways to generate income from your woodland. You can develop and open your woodland to the public. There is growing public interest in access to woodlands for orienteering, walking, mountain-biking and other recreational activities. Most woodland for sale includes sporting rights for rough shooting or deer stalking. Some have lakes and a few have a cottage or log cabin.

Another option is to sell timber. Trees grow predictably in both size and value. In well-managed plantations this will provide a capital growth investment and generate substantial income from the timber harvested. The predictability of growth makes forestry ideal for future income and pension planning.

Tilhill Forestry has a dedicated Property and Investment Team. We are able to offer advice to new entrants and help investors become owners. Once owned, a woodland needs management and we are naturally able to provide this service too. Our expert and qualified woodland managers know how to manage woodlands to the highest standards and can deliver the services woodland owners want and need.

For more information, please contact one of our Investment and Property Team: