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Woodland Creation Services

All of the governments within the UK have ambitious targets for increasing woodland coverage and are prepared to support these ambitions with woodland creation grants. These grant schemes are being redeveloped for 2015-2020 and vary by nation.

Many of our clients see that woodland creation presents an opportunity to develop a growing capital asset with attractive biodiversity and landscaping benefits. Mature, quality timber can be worth in excess of £15,000/ha at harvesting. Tilhill Forestry is currently actively matching clients interested in woodland creation with land on the open market.

If you are interested in creating a new woodland please contact us for advice. We can:

  • Help you clarify your objectives, budgets and appropriate type of scheme. 
  • Help you find appropriate land for planting (from both on market and off market sources).
  • Assess whether there are existing constraints that would limit the suitability of the land and assess the environmental impact of the scheme.  
  • Assess the quality of the land for tree planting and create a draft planting scheme that meets your objectives. 
  • Create a business plan for the woodland creation project, including initial costings and potential grant income.    

Once acquired, our Forestry team can deliver the full project on your behalf.

The overall process can be quite complex and time consuming but Tilhill Forestry have a successful track record  of delivering exciting woodland creation schemes for our clients.

Please note that Tilhill Forestry can only advise on forestry matters. We are not authorised to give investment or taxation advice.